Winona Lake, Pike Lake & Center Lake Real Estate

Water Adventures and Natural Tranquility

Winona Lake, Indiana residents have their own 562-acre lake as the community’s focal point. Close by, the 228-acre Pike Lake and Center Lake increase Winona Lake’s resident’s options for water adventures and natural tranquility.

Between its neighboring town of Winona Lake and Warsaw there is something that fits any lake enthusiasts needs for a good time. All three lakes offer incredible parks, great places for boaters to set out on open waters for a spin and refreshing swimming.

Winona Lake fishers have a chance of reeling in over 30 kinds of fresh-water fish, but bluegill, yellow perch, largemouth bass, white bass, longear sunfish and channel fish are most often pulled out. Pike Lake, located within the city limits of Warsaw and approximately six blocks from downtown is regularly stocked with hybrid walleye and they mix with black crappie, longear sunfish and more to entice the fisherman in all of us.

Pike Lakes, both the Big Pike and Little Pike, are wonderful additions to the Warsaw and Winona areas lake system. The 200-acre Big Pike Lake is located on the north edge of Warsaw, has a sand bottom and an average depth of 20 feet. An excellent sandy beach is maintained at Pike Lake by the city of Warsaw, perfect for residents or those utilizing the camping facilities located at one edge of the lake. A mile-and-a-half north of Warsaw lies the 10-acre Little Pike Lake. Little Pike Lake average 20 feet in depth, and has a muck bottom. Both lakes are perfect for fishers seeking to snag largemouth bass, pike, walleyes, bluegills, crappies and sunfish.

Center Lake is just three blocks north of the Kosciusko County Courthouse in Warsaw, adjacent to Central Park and Warsaw Biblical Gardens. The lake is 130-acres in size and has a sand and gravel bottom with an average depth of 40 feet. The city of Warsaw maintains a park, tennis courts, pavilion picnic area and a spotless sandy bathing beach on the lake’s south side. Center Lake’s prime game fish include largemouth bass, bluegills and crappies.

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