What We Do For You

The Integrity Difference

What does a Real Estate Agent/Broker do for the seller?

At Integrity Real Estate, we begin the education process of how to successfully help you accomplish your goal of selling. We will counsel you regarding the nuances of the various niches of the local market. We implement premier marketing plans specifically customized for the client. Integrity Real Estate will create a custom Facts of Record report exactly detailing current market statistics, helping you, the Seller, make your best, informed decision regarding pricing.

In today’s world of real estate sales, it is most important your advocate is more than the average agent with the minimum standard of…a yard sign, inputting into MLS and hoping an offer comes along. Integrity Real Estate Professionals apply their local market knowledge to create a comprehensive and customized plan for a home that takes in consideration all avenues of marketing: print, digital, public relations, advertising and social media. To guide us in this, we have a team of brand marketing experts that stand ready to offer assistance and insight.

Integrity Real Estate has a certified Professional Stager, offering suggestions to provide our sellers a critical advantage over current competing properties. Remember – the shiniest apple is usually the chosen one! Presentation of Price & Condition are two of the most important components of listing a property for sale.

At Integrity Real Estate, we stand with you every step of the way; our goal is to make the transaction as seamless as possible, for everyone. We have team members in place to handle the various tasks required to keep a pending contract on track; successfully closing on time. Statistically, 32% of all pending contracts do not close due to challenges in the time period between accepted contract date and closing date. It is most critical to have a strong negotiator with foresight and experience working on your behalf.

Why do people try to sell on their own?

Current website opportunities offering For Sale By Owner/FSBO exposure make it tempting to ‘try it’!  Sellers feel they can successfully market the house and save the broker’s commission. According to nationally- syndicated real estate columnist Edith Lank, fewer than 1 in 10 homes nationwide sell without a broker. Current statistics show FSBO’s have a 4% chance of a successful closing. NAR reports that FSBO sellers realize an average of 18% less in net sales price. Buyers tend to assume a FSBO seller is possibly in an ‘I have to sell quickly’ situation; so they take advantage by negotiating a lower purchase price.

How do you find a good real estate agent?

Look for a person compatible to your own personality, someone with Expert Local Market Knowledge, Experience, Enthusiasm and a Professional Presence…leading edge online, and highly respected in the local marketplace with his/her peers; which can possibly affect your negotiations.

How much should I do to the house to get it ready for sale?

Give it good road appeal by tidying up the lawn and planting flowers. Touch up exterior paint. Make sure the inside is spotless and uncluttered. Ask a friend or relative to store the excess from closets, attic, basement.

Repair small items such as silent doorbells, sticky doors, drippy faucets. If major items such as the roof, carpeting or basement walls need substantial and costly repairs, get written estimates and have these available for buyers to read. Bargain accordingly.

What's the best way to negotiate?

If an offer meets your financial expectations and timing requirements, accept it. If the price is right but other details are wrong, counter the offer and keep the lines of communication open.