Chapman Lake, Dewart Lake & Waubee Lake Real Estate

Open Waters and Spectacular Recreational Opportunities

The Chapman Lakes, both the Big Chapman and Little Chapman, are connected by a one-lane channel. The lakes are spring-fed and have no incoming major streams but there are five major drains serving the approximately 4,500 acres of the Chapman Lakes watershed. Big Chapman Lake has a maximum depth of 39 feet with an average depth of 14 feet. Little Chapman Lake has a maximum depth of 15 feet with an average depth of 11 feet.

Together, both lakes comprise 638 acres and are large enough for skiing and power boating. Historically, these two lakes are particularly good for bluegill and bass fishing and care considered among the best in Indiana. The lakes’ 240 acres of wetlands are also credited with keeping the water quality better than many in the state.

Dewart Lake, just 12 miles northeast of Warsaw, covers 700 acres and its marl bottom, maximum depth of 60 feet and average depth of 25 feet is perfect for fishers seeking to pull in largemouth bass, pike, perch, crappie and sunfish. The lake is also home to Camp Ella J. Logan, operated by the Girl Scouts of America, and Quaker Haven, a local church retreat.

Those looking for a change will delight in Waubee Lake, located a mile southeast of Milford. This lake, often referred to as Milford Lake, covers 200 acres and has a marl bottom and a maximum depth of 60 feet and an average depth of 10 feet. Fishers find luck caching largemouth bass, rock bass, bluegills and crappies at Waubee Lake.

These lakes have a year-round residence population of about 75 percent, making them easily considered a vital part in Indiana’s lake communities, where access to open waters and spectacular recreational opportunities are a must for residents.

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